Website Themes for e-Commerce Powered by WooCommerce

Website themes are a crucial element in achieving just the right visual look and feel for your site. They effectively provide the seamless blend of the content, products, and services that you are offering.

They are important because they also help define the character of your brand and your site in a manner that resonates with your online target audience.

Here, we will have a look at some website themes powered by WooCommerce that are guaranteed to propel your site to the next level with a unique look and feel

1. Affluent

This is a professional, clean faced and highly responsive eCommerce website theme. Affluent has been purposefully crafted with a robust framework for the uncomplicated and speedy development of functional internet sites.


  • Responsive
  • Powerful layout customization options
  • User friendly

This theme is well suited for business and corporate websites that want to be perceived as professional and serious contenders to their audiences. It allows every aspect of the website to speak for itself.

2. llldy

This is an excellent e-commerce website theme that is secure and designed deliberately for graphic elegance. Its features are highly intuitive, and the overall makeup is technologically astute.


  • Highly flexible
  • Fully responsive
  • Powerhouse plug-ins
  • Creative templates and layouts
  • Business friendly page templates
  • Top notch smooth parallax scrolling
  • One page website capacities

IIIdy comes as a powerful, inexpensive solution for corporations and businesses who want to effectively present their

  • Services
  •  Products
  •  Staff and work-group teams
  • Professional portfolios and much more

It includes specific and time-saving price plans, staff blurbs and a slew of options for visual configuration.

With this website theme, you can consider yourself equipped with everything you need for online success.

3. Transcend

This is a premium word-press free website template that is clean cut and performs amazingly.

As the name suggests, the theme is versatile and applies across several industries with ease thanks to its malleable, creative and highly responsive qualities.

Transcend requires nothing other than a few clicks to hand-craft the look and feel of every page from layout design to functional sidebars. You can also elect to go for individual element customization settings, feature rich footers and smoothly animated headers amongst many other capabilities.


  • Html5 and CSS3 coding
  • Sophisticated Ajax
  • Dynamic stylesheet scripting
  • Fully integrated with WooCommerce plug-in suite
  • Resourceful product catalogs
  • Shopping carts and check out pages

With so many more commercial features, Transcend effortlessly converts your site visitors to customers.

Being mobile friendly and responsive, it renders your content seamlessly to any platform or device.

If you wanted to start an e-commerce business or a personal website, the prohibitive nature of hiring web developers is no longer an impediment. You can use the above mentioned remarkable and multi-purpose themes to set up your website that is e-Commerce enabled for free. What’s more, you can do it yourself as no coding knowledge is required.