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When thinking of starting your own e-commerce website, there are numerous aspects you need to consider: Your site hosting, the kind of CMS to utilize and hiring a web designer to develop and maintain your website. The most important decision you need to make is whether to buy a ready-made template or go with a custom design website. Choosing custom design website means you’re going to build your e-commerce store from scratch. You will be required to use HTML, PHP and CSS to design an online store that suits both your personal and brand needs. This can be expensive, especially if you do not have web design skills, which means you’ll have to hire an expert web designer. A ready-made template is much cheaper. You just choose a pre-made template and tweak to your own style. These are the advantages to choosing ready-made e-commerce website templates over custom design website:

• E-commerce website templates are cost-effective

Building your e-commerce website from scratch can severely impact your budget. You’ll need to hire a web designer or web design company to do that, which is relatively expensive. Web templates are not only low cost ($60 to $120) but are also time-saving and easy to set up. The amount of time you save when you use a web template compared to custom a web design will save you lots of funds on development.

• A vast array of e-commerce templates to choose from

Today, the internet is littered with numerous website templates. This offers you a wide range of options for your site. Competition means every template developer has to create something unique that enhances the customer experience in order to stay afloat. This means that you’re destined to get only the best templates in the marketplace at competitive prices.

To pick the best template for your business, find the templates that you like and after you choose about 9 begin to analyze each of them. Consider everything that’s on every template and list down what you like and don’t like about each of them. Undoubtedly, in the end, you’ll remain with a template that has more likes. Go for it!

• E-commerce templates come with built-in functionalities

Web templates are loaded with built-in functionalities such as WYSIWYG editing capabilities, widgets and SEO features. This assists you to save money, time and trouble in all sectors of e-commerce website management.

In addition to the flexibility that comes with the built-in functionality, the web design and setup process is also made easy. If you have no prior experience in web development, the template gives you a framework into which you can put your web content easily. Those with experience in developing websites can use the template to move faster where there are complex adjustments.

• Choosing e-commerce templates enables you to get reliable updates

One of the greatest advantages of choosing templates is that you get regular, reliable updates and support. The developers of templates for websites send you updates with upgrades, new templates, and 24-hour support to enable your online store to run seamlessly and reduce bugs along the way. Updates from platforms like WordPress can create problems for your template design. However, the 24 hour support gives you a peace of mind knowing that any glitch will be corrected in the shortest time.


The benefits of using e-commerce templates are immense. However, if you have the budget to hire a web designer, do so. Professional web designers can build a powerful e-commerce website for you, but you’ll obviously need to part with a tidy sum, and your site might take longer to be operational. We recommend using Shopify,  as it provides you with multiple ecommerce website templates!

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